Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pho Citi Noodle Soup, Burbank, CA

Pho Citi Noodle Soup, Burbank, CA

Pho (phở) noodle soup is the quintessential food of Vietnamese cuisine, with legions of American enthusiasts. Not only is the rice noodle concoction delicious, it is also renowned as a great hangover cure. If you're looking for pho dong soup after a night of too much eggnog and Christmas cheer, you'll be able to find a hot bowl of the legendary pho soup waiting for you at Pho Citi Noodle Soup in Burbank, California. Pho Citi is open all day on Christmas in accordance with the restaurant's mission statement, "To Feed the masses 20-PHO-7!"

Pho Citi Noodle Soup
346 North 1st Street
Burbank, CA
Telephone: (818) 567-0888
Pho Citi website

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