Thursday, December 23, 2010

North Hollywood Restaurants

North Hollywood isn't Hollywood. It isn't even adjacent to Hollywood because there's a mountain range in between the two. Oddly enough, North Hollywood probably does a lot more television and movie production. While Holywood has all kinds of historic restaurants, North Hollywood's restaurant selection is a lot more in keeping with life in the San Fernando Valley. For Christmas 2010 you have the choice of IHOP or Denny's, with the locations and telephone numbers listed below.

IHOP - International House of Pancakes
6540 Laurel Canyon Boulevard
North Hollywood, California
Telephone: 818-766-0449

Denny's Restaurant
11377 Burbank Boulevard
North Hollywood, California
Telephone: 818-980-4562

Denny's Restaurant
13136 Sherman Way
North Hollywood, California
Telephone: 818-765-0689

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